VPNKS v1.7

Safeguarding your privacy against unexpected VPN connection dropouts.

VPNKS Browser Control

VPNKS Browser Control is a browser extension for Chrome & Firefox and works in conjunction with VPNKS to protect you from getting exposed by various embedded info-collecting scripts in webpages you visit. Keep your IP, location and other data away from praying eyes while browsing the net.

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  • VPN connection with TAP-drivers. Most VPN-providers include TAP-drivers in their installers. If TAP-drivers are missing, VPNKS will notify you.
  • .NET 4.7.1. VPNKS will notify you and help you download it if it's missing.
  • Windows Firewall enabled
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VPNKS Installation

Note: In order to be able to install and use VPNKS, you need admin privileges.

Click here for a youtube videoclip demonstrating how to install VPNKS.

  1. Download VPNKS v1.7
  2. Start VPNKS Installer.exe
  3. If you get promped by Windows Defender Protection, click "More info"and "Run anyway"to continue."


  4. Click "Yes"on the UAC popup page:

  5. Read the terms and conditions and accept them by checking the "I Accept..."checkbox and click "Install"to start the installation:

  6. Finally select if you want to start VPNKS after finishing the installation and click "Finish":

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Get Started

In order to unlock all options, you need to add atleast 1 program to the list in VPNKS:

  1. Start VPNKS and click "Config"
  2. Click on to add any program andto remove program. You can add as many programs to VPNKS as you want, there's no limit.
  3. Select Kill Switch method
  4. Close "Config"
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Kill Switch Methods

VPNKS have 3 automatic Kill Switches and 1 manual (Panic):

  1. Program Termination: (automatic)

    The program will automatically be terminated when your VPN connection drops. Also check the "Restart"option if you want the program to restart once your VPN is back up again.

  2. Connection Block: (automatic)

    Automatically blocks the program from sending or recieving data over your unsecure connection until your VPN connection is up again.

  3. OverKill Switch: (automatic)

    Terminates the program AND block all its traffic and internet connections until your VPN is back up. Check the "Restart"option if you want the program to restart once your VPN is back.

  4. Panic Switch: (manual)

    When activated, it will override the automatic switches and terminate ALL running programs you have listed in VPNKS. Activate the Panic Switch by clicking on the "Panic"button OR by pressing the Hotkeys (CTRL + ALT + END) on your keyboard at any time. Once pressed, you have an instant kill ;)

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Web Browser Control

VPNKS Browser Control


This feature controls your web browser and blocks/unblocks selected webpages when your VPN drops/reconnects to protect your online privacy and internet security.

VPNKS does not only blocks sites BEFORE any data is being sent if your VPN is down, VPNKS is FULLY AUTOMATIC. If it detects a webpage you currently have opened, it will be blocked on the fly. This means that sites that keep transferring data (like ads, logging, tracking, statistics etc) in the background, will be blocked in real-time when your VPN drops. VPNKS will also unblock and refresh all blocked webpages you currently have open when your VPN connection is back up.


  1. Click on "config"in VPNKS and activate the "Web Browser Control":

  2. Install the VPNKS Browser Control extension for your browser:

  3. Click on the VPNKS shield in your browser:

  4. Enter any website into the textfield. Click "Add"to add more websites if needed.
  5. Click "Save" and restart your browser for the changes to take effect.

Setup done!

Temporary Unblock

If VPNKS blocks a site in your setup when your VPN is down, you can still access the webpage by overriding VPNKS and temporary unblocking it. Simply click on the "Unblock"button. This will unblock the webpage for that browser session until you restart your browser again.

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Misc Options

Sound Notifications

A sound notification will be played when your VPN connection change status.

Start With Windows

VPNKS will start with Windows, minimized in systray, no splash-screen nor sound.

Automatic Updates

VPNKS will check for new versions at startup and notify you if an update is available. You can also manually check for new updates by selecting "Update"from the Help-menu.

Note:Update your firewall to allow VPNKS to check for updates.

Process Protection

With Process Protection enabled, all attempts to run a protected program while your VPN connection is down, will be denied!

Process Protection prevents accidental program-starts and/or other processes from starting up your protected programs while you're on a unsecure internet connection.

Note:Process Protection only protects programs set to use "Program Termination" or the "OverKill" Switch.

Automatic Computer Shutdown

If you want your computer to shut down in case of your VPN shut down, check the "shut down"checkbox in VPNKS's main window. If VPNKS detects a VPN connection failure, VPNKS will first terminate all your running programs to make sure all connections are closed and then shut down the computer, no questions asked!

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