VPNKS v1.7

Safeguarding your privacy against unexpected VPN connection dropouts.

VPNKS Browser Control

VPNKS Browser Control is a browser extension for Chrome & Firefox and works in conjunction with VPNKS to protect you from getting exposed by various embedded info-collecting scripts in webpages you visit. Keep your IP, location and other data away from praying eyes while browsing the net.

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Features & Changelog

Features in VPNKS v1.7
  • It's free! No restrictions, no limits!
  • Compatible with all VPN-providers utilizing TAP-drivers
  • Instant Kill Switch reaction when your VPN drops
  • Individually select Kill Switch for each program
  • Kill Switch 1: "Program Termination"" - Terminates the program
  • Kill Switch 2: "Connection Block" - Blocks all inbound and outbound connections
  • Kill Switch 3: "OverKill Switch" - Blocks all connections AND(!) terminates the program
  • Kill Switch 4: Manual "Panic-switch" Terminates all programs when needed
  • Process Protection- Stops programs from starting up while VPN is down
  • Web Browser Controlinfo!
  • VPNKS minimizes to systray to stay out of your way
  • Option to customize Panic Switch hotkeys
  • Option to automatically shut down the computer when VPN drops
  • Option to autostart VPNKS with Windows
  • Option to play sound notifications when your VPN connects/disconnects
  • Option to adjust sound notification sound volume
  • Option to replace default alert sounds with your own *.wav audio
  • Option for automatic updates

Be sure to check the ReadMe on how to use and set up VPNKS to your liking.

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Changes in VPNKS v1.7

Version 1.7 Current Version

  • Added another start-minimized option when started manually
  • Added option to adjust alert-notification sound volume
  • Option to replace the default *.wav alert-notifications to your own
  • Optimized uninstaller
Changes in VPNKS v1.6

Version 1.6

  • Added option to select TAP-adapter if more than one is installed
  • Optimized the Kill Switches for even faster response
Changes in VPNKS v1.5

Version 1.5

  • Kill Switch method can now be set individually for each program.
  • Option to reconfigure default Panic Switch hotkeys.
  • Assigned VPN IP have been masked to protect from screenshots and praying eyes. Mouse over to reveal.
  • Added new "Update" menu-option.
  • Uninstall option available in Windows Add/Remove programs.
  • Overall improvements, optimizations and bugfixes.
Changes in VPNKS v1.4

Version 1.4


  • Fixed a bug causing the "Web Browser Control"to not turn off properly when deactivated.
  • Changed Panic Button hotkeys to CTRL+END.
  • Added an automatic Windows Firewall check.
Changes in VPNKS v1.3

Version 1.3

  • Added "Web Browser Control" - Controls your web browser and blocks/unblocks selected webpages when your VPN drops/reconnects.

This option requires the new VPNKS Browser Control extension to be added to your web browser. More info here.

Changes in VPNKS v1.2

Version 1.2

  • Improved compability with more VPN-service providers
  • Added a "Process Protection" feature (stops selected programs from starting up when VPN is down)
  • Added option to shut down computer when VPN connection drops
  • Display assigned VPN IP
  • Fixed a bug when creating an autostart-rule in Task Scheduler
  • Fixed a bug where VPNKS prevented Windows from shutting down properly
  • New "Help"-menu with "About", "ReadMe" and "Contact" menu items
Changes in VPNKS v1.1

Version 1.1

  • VPNKS made 100% FREE
  • Added Connection Block Kill Switch
  • Added OverKill Switch
  • Added Panic Switch
  • Minor bugs fixed
VPNKS v1.0

Version 1.0

  • Initial release