False Positive

Some users are reporting that VPNKS is being detected as malware. This is a false positive, a false alarm from scanresults indicating a condition that does not exist.

To avoid these false alerts, whitelist and exclude VPNKS in your antivirus/antimalware program.

Nick Swardh, author of VPNKS

VPNKS - VPN Kill Switch

Safeguarding your online security against unexpected VPN connection dropouts.


VPNKS - VPN Kill Switch is a powerful standalone, fast acting Windows desktop app running in the background, safeguarding and shielding your online security against unexpected VPN connection dropouts. VPNKS will instantly activate the Kill Switch and terminate all programs in your setup the second your VPN drops, protecting your privacy and online security. You can also configure VPNKS to start your programs again when your VPN connection reconnects. The VPN Kill Switch mechanism makes sure you stay secure, safe and unexposed.

System requirements: Windows with TAP-Windows Adapter (OpenVPN drivers)

Activate Your 30 Day Trial Period! (Click for video instructions)

  1. Start VPNKS
  2. Click on ConfigRegister
  3. Enter TRIAL (in CAPITAL without quotes) for both ID and Key
  4. Restart VPNKS for the changes to take effect.

Unlock the Kill Switch

For only 20 SEK (swedish crowns, approximately $2.00 USD) a month, you unlock the Kill Switch mechanism!