VPNKS v1.6

Safeguarding your privacy against unexpected VPN connection dropouts.

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What is VPNKS - VPN Killswitch

VPNKS screenshot

VPNKS is a free, fast standolone Killswitch for Windows that automatically stops all traffic and data from leaking out and exposing your internet activity when your VPN connection fail. When activated, all traffic is blocked and no data will be sent over your unsecure internet connection to protect your privacy.

Why use a Killswitch?

If internet security and privacy is important to you and you want to make sure that no unwanted data is sent over an unsecure connection, a VPN Killswitch is of great significance as it will stop your data from being transferred and keep your privacy intact in case of unexpected VPN dropouts.


  • Windows 7/8/10 or newer
  • Any VPN connection with TAP-drivers
  • Windows Firewall Enabled

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Features in VPNKS v1.6

A powerful security application for Windows:

  • It's free! No restrictions, no limits!
  • Compatible with all VPN-providers using TAP-drivers
  • Instant Killswitch reaction
  • 4 different Killswitch methods
  • Set Killswitch individually for each program
  • Panic Switch and customizable hotkeys
  • Process Protection
  • Web Browser Controlinfo!
  • Minimize to systray
  • Auto shutdown computer
  • Autostart VPNKS with Windows
  • Sound notifications
  • Automatic updates